The refugee network for Egedal Municipality is not a part of the authorities, but an independent and fully voluntary group of individuals.
We are affiliated with the privately-run Danish Refugee Council, but have our own democratically-elected board.

We offer:

  • Coaching and language lessons
  • Many refugees attending language lessons and beginning to understand Danish, desire additional language training.
  • The network offers coaching, assistance in reading books, newspapers and recommends books complete with audio tapes, as well as practice by means of conversation.
  • Support in relation to authorities and institutions
  • Danish society is complicated and there are many rules — written as well as unwritten. As a refugee, you are often uncertain as to how a special case should be handled, what the complicated words mean, and how to understand letters from the authorities.
  • The network offers assistance and introduction on how to contact the authorities.
  • Local guide.
  • The network offers assistance in getting acquainted with the local community by introduction to the libraries, information about shopping facilities and the transport system, as well as introduction to clubs and associations in Egedal, e.g. sports, music, and theatre.
  • Social gatherings
  • The network arranges a variety of social gatherings, such as celebrating the Danish holidays, sharing home-cooked dinners from all countries, and trips around the countryside.